Calem Cysemet



Personality Traits: cautious +1
Race: Human
Profession: Warrior
Points: 104
Age: 24

Strength +1
Intelligence +1
Agility +2
Perception +1
Stamina +2
Presence +1
Aim +2
Willpower -2
Quickness +0
Communication +1

Virtues: well-traveled (m), affinity with riding (m), gentleman (m), privileged upbringing (m)
Flaws: Napoleon noble nephew complex (m), dark secret (M)
Conviction: 0

Athletics 2, Quimen Lore 3, Leriel Lore 2, Harnic Language 3 (write), Ivinian Language 3, Charm 2, Ride 4 6 (battle), Animal Handling 2 (horses), Armed Combat 4 (long sword, shield, lance), Bows 3 (bow), Carouse 2, Etiquette 2 (nobles), Hunt 2, Leadership 3, Bargain 2, Folk Ken 2 (nobles), Intrigue 2 (nobles), Brawl 1, Swim 2, Alertness 2, Survival 1, +1 pts

Dodge +5
Armor 5
Load/Encumbrance 9.5/2

Long Sword (1-action) +8 attack; +7 damage; +6 parry
Shield (off-hand) +4 attack; +3 damage; +8 parry
Bow (1-action) +7 attack; +6 damage
Lance +8 attack; +5 damage

Light (1-5), Medium (6-10), Heavy (11-15), Incapacitating (16-20) Dead (21+)

Long sword, scale male armor, round wooden shield, bow, open-face helmet, mirror, stylish riding clothes, chalk, rope (2), lantern, torches, oil (3), flint steel,


Born the 4th nephew to Jarin Lord (insert name). Father was brother to the lord and was lieutenant general to the army. Calem received a nobles education and training. By the age of 10 Calem was regarded as a young noble with decent potential until father (Lords brother) was killed while fighting Ivinians. After fathers death Lord uncle focused attention on other kin and Calem slowly fell out of favor. By the age of 14 Calem was an accomplished horseman but lacked the talent for melee combat. At 15 years old Calem was sent to live with the Ivinians as collateral for a tenuous peace agreement. (insert Ivinian history)
On his 18th birthday Calem was released by the Ivinians and returned to (insert homeland). During the passing year the fragile truths with the Ivinians began to crumble. Keenly aware of the Ivinians superior strength Calem pleaded to his uncle counsel to consider appeasement instead of war. Calems pleas were rejected, and was quickly shunned from further councel meetings. Calem made several trips to the Ivinians to negotiate a peace agreement and failed. During one of these visits he was approached by an Ivinian who proposed a bloodless take over of (insert Unlcle Keep name). (insert uncle family name)Calem agreed on the condition that his family would be allowed to retreat to the capitol city with one half of the peasantry. The other half would serve the new Ivinian victors. This shameful agreement was the only way for Calem to avoide a blood bath.
On the night of the Ivinians sneak attack Calem placed sleeping poisen in the guards ale and unlocked the front gates to his keep. The Ivinians kept their promise and did not kill anyone. They hired a notorious mercenary group, the Crimson Dancers to conduct the slaughter instead. The Crimson Dancers did their job well. Seeing his wife and entire noble family butchered was a traumatic event. Calem escaped the systematic extermination by dawning his old Ivinians clothes and convincing the crimson dancers while speaking Ivinian he was on their side. Taking flight Calem never returned to his homeland. Lord after Lord fell to the Ivinians, forcing Calem into a constant withering retreat. Calem sold his jewelry to purchase arms and armor and the means to travel. The Ivinians determination to extinguish his hole family forced Calem to forsake his true name. Calem was quicly humbled by the rugged life of a penniless noble lacking the street smarts to brave a war torn land.

Calem Cysemet

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