Findolf Flan


Findolf Flan

Description: inventive, enigmatic, humorous
Background: Unknown
Profession: Magus (journeyman)
Points: 224
Age: 33

Strength -2
Intelligence +2
Agility +0
Perception +1
Constitution +0
Presence +1
Aim +1
Willpower +2
Quickness -1
Communication +1

Virtues: performance magic (m), faerie-raised magic (M), faerie magic (f), Arcadian travel (minor mystery)*, spell improvisation (m)
Flaws: small stature (m), deficient technique: perdo (M), ugly (m)

Arcadia Lore 2, Melderyn Lore 3, Athletics 1, Folk Ken 2, Harnic Language 3 (write), Guile 2, Awareness 2, Bargain 3, Intrigue 1, Carouse 2, Concentration 2 (spells), Legerdemain 2, Magic Theory 2, Magic Lore 3, Faerie Lore (summer faeries) 3, Organization Lore: Order of Wizards 2, Code of Laws 2, Language: Wizard 3 (write), Finesse 3, Parma Magica 3, House Merinita Lore 3, Ritual Lore 1, Faerie Magic 4 (inventing spells), Swim 1, Leriel Lore 2 (114)

Imaginem 6, Animal 3, Vim 3, Corpus 5, Terram 4, Mentem 1, Ignem 1
Creo 3, Muto 8, Rego 5, Intellego 2, Perdo 2 (119 points)

Taste of the spices and herbs +16 (MuIm, 5), notes of a delightful sound +16 (MuIm, 10), dispel the phantom image +8 (PeIm, 10), preternatural shrinking +15 (MuCo 15), disguise of the transformed image +16 (MuIm 15), sense of magical power +7 (InVi, 2), crystal dart +13 (MuTe 10), gather the essence of the beast +10 (ReVi, 15), phantasm of the walking dead +16 (MuIm, 15), gift of the frog’s legs +12 (ReCo, 15), rise of the feathery body +12 (ReCo 10), bind wounds +10 (CrCo 10), ward against spirits +10 (ReVi, 13), doublet of impenetrable silk +13 (MuAn, 15), sense the nature of vis +7 (InVi, 5), disguise of the new visage +15 (MuCo 15)

Dodge: +0
Armor: 0 or 3 with doublet of impenetrable silk
Load/Encumbrance 0/0

Dagger (1-action) +0 attack; +1 damage; +0 parry

Light (1-4), Medium (5-8), Heavy (9-12), Incapacitating (13-16) Dead (17+)

Mouserobe: This robe, apparently sewn from dozens of mouse hides, allows the wearer to transform into a mouse. Even as a mouse, however, the wearer casts their normal shadow. Prolonged usage may result in the wearer forgetting s/she’s a human and becoming, in effect, a mouse forever.

Ball of Everyarn: This ball of yarn can be unwound, seemingly forever, so long as the unwinder continues to tell a story. The yarn itself is normal in all respects, although it can be dispelled.

Potion of Bear Form: Imbibing this potion turns the drinker into a black bear until the sun next sets


Background Notes: Findolf, known to his friends as Fin, is a magus and a member of House Merinita. He apprenticed at age 12. He is a dwarf, bow-legged and with an overly large head. He was born in the covenant of Triamore, and his parents were covenfolk. As an infant, his parents thought their baby swapped with a faerie-child, so deformed was he. They asked the Magi to examine him, and Ilias of House Merinita agreed, but found no trace of fay heritage. The child grew up in the covenant, mistreated by the other children. When Ilias decided to take an apprentice, he chose Findolf, and suddenly he was elevated above the cruel covenfolk kids. He completed his gauntlet at age 22 and stayed with the covenant for several years before deciding to make his own way.

Findolf Flan

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